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Anonymous asked:
In reference to the gifset of Zoe confronting Luke: I was sexual assaulted about a year ago at a party and when I realized what had happened, I'd told my friends and tried to get legal help, but no one believed me and no one worked hard to help me. When I saw that scene in episode 24, I bursted out crying and I couldnt help but think "I never had this opportunity. No one ever cared about me enough to help me." Ive cried through many Degrassi eps, but that one, by far, had to be the hardest ever.

I’m so sorry if I took too long to post this, I never got a notification. 

It’s absolutely awful that no one believed you. The world we live in is cruel and unfair, but you are brave and the bastard will get what they deserve. I wish I could be there to help you, I truly do.